Garnered with right modern living essentials, Ari Permaisuri is a contemporary home for residents to take pleasure in comfort and with style.

A Green-filled Development

Feeling rejuvenated driving along the roads filled with lushes green and the warm rays sun through old tree leaves gives shed for more cooling air. It is here; a residential haven caresses gently by Mother Nature.

Low Density

Living a home with exclusivity allows greater value for modern living, giving the residence more privacy, quietness, comfort, and space in the building, as such, allows an undisturbed time enjoying fully the facilities. In addition, with low-density, it has better maintenance of the common areas and facilities, and also a tighter security environment.

Exclusive Facilities

Feeling the sweat dripping as the treadmill working the body and with every rising adrenaline gives vitality to the mind and soul. A place to release stress and be yourself, enjoying the array of workouts in this well-equipped gym. To those who are not a gym enthusiast will not be disappointed spending time by the pure tranquil pool or a swim in the gentle water, knowing all crafted for today's modern healthy living.